Create beautiful, brand-consistent marketing videos in a few clicks

Amplify your current marketing activities with video templates optimised specifically for sales and marketing. Join the waitlist to get early access.
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Example Image of Image Slideshow Template
Example Image of Blog Post Template
Example Image of Website Launch Template
Example Image of Podcast Promo Template

Optimised templates for the marketing videos you actually need

Don't waste your time searching through thousands of half-baked video templates. Each template is finely-tuned to meet the specific marketing needs of your business.
consistent branding

Get the same branded design on every video, every time.

Never worry about your videos going off-brand ever again. Automatically apply your brand's unique logo, typography and design palette across all your videos.
Kinematic Project Dashboard
Kinematic Project Settings
Brandkit Dashboard
No editing or design skills required

So easy, your mom dad can create the perfect video in 5 minutes

1. Select a Brand kit
2. Select a Theme
3. Select a Template
4. Choose a soundtrack (or not)
5. Add your copy, photos & video
6. Render and go!
Deliver quality in quantity

Stunning video animations created by professional motion designers

Leverage the talent of experienced motion graphic professionals who have built their careers producing award winning broadcast design, social marketing, animation and video graphics.
Are you a Motion Designer? Talk to us about designing themes.

Video formats

Download HD videos in the most popular presentation and social formats: widescreen (16:9), square (1:1) and portrait (9:16).

Brand kits

Setup up your logo, type and colour styles once and they’ll automatically be applied across all your videos.

Music library

Add a soundtrack from our production music library or upload your own. All music is cleared for use on all social platforms.
Use cases

Made for creators, startups, freelance, agencies and e-commerce businesses

Set your video marketing to "auto-pilot"

Blog article promotion

Podcast promotion

Website launch

Image slideshow

Customer testimonial

Product collection

Sales promotion

Case study


Product promotion

Agency services

Event promotion


Real estate listing

Product announcement

Company announcement

Lead magnets


Pay per video

Only pay for the videos you need, and only when you need it.
Subscriptions will be available for businesses who are producing videos in volume.

$5 per video

Brand kit

No watermarks

Access to all templates

All video formats

Music library

Please note: the application is still in development and there is a good chance that pricing will change as new features are developed. We are committed to providing an exceptional quality videos at value. Pricing is in USD.

You bring the content,
we bring the magic

Video marketing doesn’t get easier than this
You won't be spammed, your data will not be sold or traded and you can unsubscribe at any time. View the privacy policy.
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Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

When will the app be live?

We're working hard to get the first version of the application to share with everyone on the waitlist. Hopefully sometime in the first quarter of 2023. 🤞

How can I get early access to the beta?

Your best chance to get access is to join the waitlist and to complete the survey (so we can understand your needs and relevance for the first rounds of testing). You'll be sent a link to the survey once you join the waitlist. Follow @KainTietzel on Twitter for updates.

Will there be a mobile app?

Our priority is to get the web application working first, and if there is enough demand, to then consider building dedicated mobile apps.

I'm a motion designer - can I make and sell themes?

Yes! We're exploring different ways for motion designers to create themes and profit from their use in the application. If you've been working in After Effects then you'll be able to get up to speed quickly. Send us an email if you would like to know more.

Can you create a custom template for my specific needs?

Short answer is yes! Though the devil is in the details.

Templates and Themes: We can work with you to develop custom templates and themes, however, the functionality would need aligned with our roadmap as we would make them publicly available to all members. Your commission would jump the queue.

Data-driven Personalised Videos: In the future we plan to offer video templates that are uniquely personalised using your customer data (i.e. "Thank you Jane for buying Product X"). We will offer standard templates for all members, however, we will also offer bespoke template designs which would be unique for each account and not shared with other members. Please contact us if you would like to know.